Travel Advisors Cheer End of CDC’s Covid Program for Cruises

Travel advisors said that the CDC's decision this week to drop the Covid-19 Program for Cruise Ships would help boost bookings. The CDC said in a statement that it had determined that the cruise industry has access to "the necessary tools" to prevent and mitigate Covid-19 onboard.

Cruise lines cited the end of the program as testament to their Covid protocols and safety measures but indicated that those protocols were not likely to change immediately as they review new guidelines from the CDC released on July 20. "You'll start to see us move into what society is doing at large," said Carnival Corp. CEO Arnold Donald.

Anthony Hamawy, president of, was thrilled by the news. He said that while he appreciates the advancements cruise lines have made since the pandemic, such as better air filtration systems, adjusting rules on vaccination rates would free up more people to travel, particularly families hesitant to vaccinate their children.