Connecting the World. Protecting it’s Future.

The Lufthansa Group is making effective climate protection a major goal with a clearly defined path toward carbon-neutrality: compared to 2019, the Lufthansa Group plans to halve its net-carbon emissions by 2030, and by 2050, the Lufthansa Group plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

This will be done by accelerating fleet modernisation, continually optimizing flight operations, using Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), and providing innovative procedures that make passenger flights more carbon neutral.

A true alternative to fossil fuel and key on the path to CO₂-neutral aviation is the use SAF, which are fuels produced without the use of fossil energy sources. The Lufthansa Group is investing millions of euros into SAF and already today, they enable their customers to offset their CO₂ emissions immediately through SAF or via long-term climate protection projects – certified according to the highest standards, thanks to the Compensaid platform.