Kids Kicking Your Seat? Here’s How to Handle it Say Flight Attendants

Flying with kids can’t be easy. I’ve personally never done it, but as a flight attendant turned business traveler, I’ve seen many parents struggle. There’s quite a bit to think about before even stepping foot onto an airplane, but once on board, it’s got to feel as though all eyes are on you. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it myself. I watch as the family with toddlers walks down the aisle, and I secretly wonder where they’re sitting. Because let’s admit it: No one likes to sit near a screaming child or have their seat kicked incessantly on an hours-long flight. But when it does occur, many passengers are left wondering how to handle the situation. Should they speak up themselves or get a crew member involved?

As a flight attendant, you’re trained on every safety aspect of each aircraft your airline operates, but they never teach you how to calm a screaming child or console a stressed-out parent. One of the most awkward requests a passenger could ask of me is to help with a rambunctious child. But there are some circumstances in which a bystanding passenger should ask a flight attendant to intervene. Here’s how to tell the difference.