I Flew in Delta’s Revamped Premium Select Class—And Got a Good Night’s Sleep

On longer-haul trips, I always feel like Goldilocks searching for the right in-flight experience. The luxury of first class, with its lie-flat seats, is typically a bit out of my price range, and economy, while more affordable, can leave me feeling rumpled and groggy upon arrival. For my recent flight from Atlanta to Rome, I hoped that Premium Select, Delta’s intermediate cabin class that just got a host of new upgrades, would feel just right.

I’m not alone in the quest: upgraded seats are trending with travelers and airlines are taking note. “As we come out of the pandemic, we’re seeing that customers have more appetite for premium experiences and differentiated products. Customers are willing to invest in experiences, and many are looking to make milestone trips or long-awaited vacations even more special,” says Mauricio Parise, Delta’s vice president of brand experience.

Premium Select’s new perks, which were added in September and include benefits like more comfortable seats and premium amenity kits, were designed to add that special something to the in-flight experience at a more reasonable price point, according to Parise.