Accelerating the Future of In-Flight Connectivity at Delta

Delta customers are one step closer to a seamless, personalized in-flight experience built on industry-leading Wi-Fi. Recently, Delta finalized a partnership with high-speed Wi-Fi provider Viasat and took steps to launch the Delta-developed Wi-Fi access portal – a user interface that enhances how you interact with Wi-Fi. Adding Viasat’s next-generation satellite technology (Ka-Band) to the fleet gives the airline more options to modernize how customers stay connected and enjoy content during travel.

Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director of Brand Experience – In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi, and Glenn Latta, Managing Director – In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi, explain what this new partnership and technology means for customers and how it unlocks the future of the onboard experience at Delta.

Staying connected is a key part of our customers’ lives both at home and during travel, and we are taking big leaps forward to deliver an unparalleled experience that puts connectivity and personalization front and center. Best-in-class in-flight connectivity takes our vision for a reimagined brand experience to the next level and has long been a focus for us as a business.