FAA Says $26 Million Needed To Cover Aircraft 5G Modifications

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has estimated that it will take an investment of $26 million to equip aircraft with the needed equipment to comply with its 5G modification requirements. The estimation comes only a few days after the administration announced that all aircraft operating for a commercial airline would need to upgrade their avionics systems for safety purposes. Critics claim the upgrade price tag is meager, stating that the FAA has recently made a lot of fuss for something requiring a cheap fix.

The FAA recently announced that all passenger and cargo aircraft that use radio altimeters would need to install 5G C-band tolerant radio altimeters or a radio frequency filter. These modifications are to be made by February 24th, 2024. The FAA has also required that all airlines revise flight operation manuals to state that low-visibility landings are not permitted after June 30th, 2023, unless the aircraft is equipped with the proper 5G filtration technology.