Hoteliers Slowly Test Digital Tipping as Travelers Increasingly Go Cashless

As any Uber rider or latte drinker knows, digital tip jars have become ubiquitous in an increasingly cashless society. Most hotels, however, have been slow to jump on the mobile tipping bandwagon.

The lag isn't due to any shortage of solutions. In the past few years, well over a dozen digital tipping startups have hit the market, with several players specifically targeting the hospitality sector. These include companies like eTip, Kickfin, TipYo, Grazzy and Buku (formerly known as Youtip).

Still, even as travelers are increasingly comfortable adding digital tips through their rideshare app or tacking on a tip to their lunch order by way of Apple Pay, mobile tipping options for a hotel's valet, bellhop or housekeeper remain rare.