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Unfortunately, it is very common for people to get sick while traveling. You generally don’t get enough sleep, you eat foods you aren’t used to, and you’re confined in enclosed spaces (like airplanes) with hundreds of unknown people and their germs. This guide will help you stay well while you are away from home.

Get plenty of rest. It usually takes one day to adapt to the time zone when you travel west, and a day and a half when you travel east. Try to shift your schedule to closely match that of your destination before your trip to avoid jet lag holding you back. Additionally, sleep as much as you can the night before your trip and during long flights so that you are well rested upon arrival.

Take vitamin C. This will help boost your immune system so that it can fight off germs, especially in confined areas like airplanes.

Eat well. Try to avoid heavily processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol. These all dehydrate you. It is important to give your body the right sustenance. Make sure you eat healthy meals and snacks. If you are worried that these will be hard to come by, then pack your own.

Stay active. Exercise can help get rid of jet lag, so see if you can fit in a workout sometime during the day. Many hotels offer gyms, but you can always create a routine to complete in your room.

Make a schedule, and stick to it. This will help you fit in everything you need to and make your trip less stressful. Don’t forget to schedule in times to relax.