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Omega World Travel Challenges Wisconsin Government
Travel Contract Award

FAIRFAX, VA - October 31, 2005– Travel management provider Omega World Travel is questioning the controversial award of a Wisconsin state contract and is calling for full public disclosure of the findings of the investigating committee.

Recent news reports have brought to light unanswered questions and several facts that were not originally made known to Omega World Travel. Specifically that Omega World Travel won the bid on points, but was not awarded the contract. Omega World Travel wants to set the record straight on recent inaccuracies in the media.
v Media reports have claimed that the awarded travel agency offers the best value in travel services.

The contract was not bid on price alone; cost only represented 25% of the total score. There were many other factors considered by the evaluating committee including programs, services, quality, and the best 'fit' for client needs; the heaviest point scores were awarded to servicing criteria—areas where Omega World Travel was clearly superior in their bid.
v Omega World Travel offers many inclusive services at no cost, which was not reported, while the awarded travel agency's bid was based on menu-pricing, which can lead to additional hidden costs.

The state's own figures showed less than an $8,000 annual difference between Omega World Travel's bid and the awarded travel agency's bid on the $4.3 million contract.

Omega World Travel has been portrayed as an outsider because their corporate headquarters are out-of-state.

Omega World Travel maintains a strong presence in Wisconsin with over 80 employees living and working in the state. All state business under this contract would have remained in the state, if awarded to Omega World Travel, doing business in the state since 1987 and a member of the Wisconsin Business Travel Association, the state chapter of Meeting Professionals International, the local Chamber of Commerce, and Greater Milwaukee Convention and Visitors Bureau. Media reports claim the contract award was based on a fair bid process.

The evaluating committee was very meticulous and fair in the handling of the bid process, and the outcome of the process—both in points and by the recommendation of 6 of the 7 committee members—was to award the contract to Omega World Travel. Omega World Travel was the clear and recommended winner of the contract by the committee, but despite their recommendation, the award went to another travel agency.

At-this-time, Omega World Travel has not been contacted by any official representing the State of Wisconsin or any other government branch to explain the discrepancies.

Based on the information that has been publicly reported, and the clear inaccuracies in the bid process, Omega World Travel is calling for a re-evaluation of the bid and that a new contract be awarded based on the original recommendation of the committee.

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