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Omega World Travel to Unveil New Agent Desktop Solution
at Global Business Travel Association’s Technology Symposium

FAIRFAX, VA – March 5, 2012— Omega World Travel, a fast-growing, award-winning leader in the travel management industry, introduced its new agent desktop solution at the Global Business Travel Association's (GBTA) Technology Symposium in New York City on March 5, 2012 in New York City.

The innovative agent desktop solution, Amadeus One, will allow Omega to optimize all its agent/personnel resources, giving them many options in searching inventory and booking tickets. Benefits of the new technology include:
• Allowing agents to pull inventory from many sources: multiple global distribution systems (GDS), wholesalers, and direct connects.
• All information resides in one passenger name record (PNR) using the GDS or a graphical interface.
• Agents can communicate and make bookings in the graphical interface using the cryptic commands or formats of any GDS, regardless of which GDS they are proficient in, or what GDS language they are trained to use, leveling the playing field.

"Even in today's corporate online environment, many travel transactions require agent intervention," says Demme Wiggins, Omega World Travel's CTO, who will be presenting the technology at the symposium. "It's imperative that agents have access to as much information and inventory as possible to remain competitive with commercial sites, and to address the requirements of the savvy business traveler."

"We believe this platform offers new options to travel management companies in optimizing their workforce and providing competitive content to customers in the most efficient way," Wiggins says.

Celebrating its 40th year in business in 2012, Omega World Travel has led the industry in travel solutions for decades. In years past, the industry's travel agents were trained for specific GDS providers, such as Sabre, Apollo, Worldspan and Amadeus. "Service limitations existed if the agency could not provide the GDS of the customer's choice, or if the agency's agents were not cross trained on the key GDS," Wiggins says.

GDS content also was proprietary and prioritized by each GDS provider, so agents did not have easy access to data that "lived" outside a specific GDS. In some markets, GDS inventory has been incompatible with the market. For instance, even today, in Europe and the UK, more than 50 percent of the required inventory for air, car, hotel and train is not available in the GDS. The Omega World Travel solution addresses this content issue for its agents.

"In the current industry atmosphere, to be competitive, our agents must be proficient in multiple GDS and they must have access to full content. The pool of qualified, experienced agents is shrinking and agents skilled in multiple GDS are at a premium," Wiggins says. "This technology is a great equalizer."

"Omega World Travel's new agent desktop solution will bridge the challenges of finding the best solutions for corporate clients, while pulling in the best content options available around the world," she says.

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About Omega World Travel
Omega World Travel is a woman-owned, diversity supplier, and one of the largest travel management companies in the US. With worldwide headquarters in Fairfax, VA, Omega serves corporate, government, meeting, and leisure clients throughout the US., Europe, and the Middle East. Omega World Travel also owns, one of the largest sellers of cruises on the Internet, and TravTech, a software development company and Omega Meetings and Conference services.