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Announcing: Omega Travel Consultancy Group

September 10, 2019 - Fairfax, Virginia - Omega World Travel is celebrating its 47th year in business this September; and, as a result of many years in assisting corporations develop processes and best travel practices, we are announcing a new travel consultancy group based upon a strategic growth plan. Today corporate travel management processes are more complicated than ever before. Fueled by changes in disruption, explosion of choices, needs for customization, control of spend, and safety; we see the need for a separate consultancy division.

Our experience and access to the experts in the business is our foundation.

We want to prevent corporations from rushing to products they do not need. We want to stop the rush to poor choices, not in line with a company’s culture; but, rather, those that pave the way to go forward in the right direction.

We are working around a ‘STOP/GO’ theory. A theory put into practice by reviewing corporate policies and procedures; stopping, by putting all ‘cards on the table;’ both pros and cons; and, exploring the best products, trends, and technology.

The traveler’s well-being and safety is front and center in the process. It is our strategic travel optimization program (S.T.O.P.) leading to a series of ‘GO’ services. Many of which are already available.

Over the last few years, corporations have asked if they can use our technology and specialized services while still contracting with their preferred travel agency; and this can be done with all the securities of privacy in place.

A team of consultants will be pleased to answer your questions at any time.

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About Omega World Travel
Omega World Travel is a woman-owned, diversity supplier, and one of the largest travel management companies in the US. With worldwide headquarters in Fairfax, VA, Omega serves corporate, government, meeting, and leisure clients throughout the US., Europe, and the Middle East. Omega World Travel also owns, one of the largest sellers of cruises on the Internet, and TravTech, a software development company and Omega Meetings and Conference services.