Consulting Services

Strategic Consulting Services

Omega Strategic Consulting Services is focused on working side-by-side with our clients to assist them in maximizing their overall travel programs, enhancing the effectiveness of their travel policies and developing travel decisions that can be implemented for long-term success, cost realization and user satisfaction. We work in partnership with our clients to enhance traveler’s experiences while managing costs and streamlining process to increase overall program effectiveness, quality, usability and satisfaction of the end-users.

Omega understands the impact of teaming with our clients to maintain their traveler’s satisfaction while on the road, and the need to balance the overall cost and control of travel programs. We also understand the impact to a company when these are out of balance. In support of this Omega offers the following services through our strategic consulting division, and shares our knowledge, expertise, and experience to help navigate travel engagement:

  Providing an innovative strategy to clients regarding their travel programs and how travel money is spent and managed
  Measuring the effectiveness of travel program spend and return on investment through process mapping and data analysis
  Training, consulting, and education for clients and individuals to achieve overall program productivity and quality
  Identifying what influences your bottom line and what matters the most to your company’s future
  Sharing insight on what is truly driving travel behavior, choices, spending and trends, and the effect of emerging influences of the future
  Optimizing your travel management program and its operations
  Streamlining your travel program objectives, practices and processes to improve your practices and achieve long-term performance goals
  Designing realistic, achievable travel solutions that result in measurable high performance and user satisfaction
  Leveraging technology to create cost-effective and efficient travel programs and policies
  Identifying what matters the most to your travelers to keep road warriors on the road and finances in check
  Identifying travel spend waste to increase savings
  Capturing, analyzing and converting your travel data into insightful, useful information
  Developing creative, meaningful ideas and approaches to long-standing obstacles and roadblocks
  Assessing risk and developing risk mitigation
  Driving critical travel program policy change and adoption through education, process development, and engagement

Updated 1/24/19