Understanding Airfares

It is important to understand airline fares so that you can be aware of the benefits and limitations of each. This page covers GSA Contract Airfare w/ Limited Availability, GSA Contract Airfare, and more.

GSA Contract Airfare with Limited Availability - (also known as "_CA"). Offers the same flexibility as the GSA Contract fares (YCA) but has a deeper discount because these are capacity controlled so the number of seats that the Government can purchase is limited.

GSA Contract Airfare - (also known as "YCA"). Government contracted fares that offer considerable discount and flexibility when compared to commercial fares that are available to the general public. Government contract fares, known as GSA City Pair fares, are refundable/changeable, have no advance purchase/ticketing requirement, and have no capacity controls so there is no limit to the number of seats that the Government can purchase. These fares have last seat availability when booked on the contract holding airline. Code shares are exempt from last seat availability.

Other Government Airfare - (also known as "DG" or "CATZ"). These are non-contract Government fares that include discounted Government fares (DG) or Category Z (CATZ) and constructed City Pair fares. The discounted Government fares and Category Z fares are competitive airfares available to Government travelers on official travel. The cost may be the same or less than a GSA contract City Pair fare; however, many airlines are not required to maintain the booking class and have the ability to change that class of service; in turn, creating an invalid fare and booking class, although rare, It is crucial to check the rules before using this government fare. These fares may not be used as a reason to fly non-contract based on lower price.

These fares may not be used when justifying the lower cost in an attempt to fly non-contract.

Other Airfare - These fares are available to the general public. These fares often cost more than Contract City Pair or non-contract fares and may have advance purchase requirements or cancellation fees.

Updated 6/23/21